Datum Calculator Input Parameters

Supported file format is comma separated value (.csv). Layout of each line: datetime(mm/dd/yyyy HH:mm), water level Any consistent time sampling (1-minute, 6-minute, 15-minute, etc.)

Time zone should be consistent with uploaded file


Please enter the latitude (-90.0 to 90.0) & longitude (-180.0 to 180.0) in decimal degree above, and click Go to enable the Control Station dropdown If you choose 'No Control Station', tidal datums are computed by arithmetic mean of your data If you choose a control station, tidal datums are computed by simultaneously comparing to the control station
Interactive Map to Locate Control Stations
Tidal Datum Calculator Product Disclaimer
The tool provides water level analysis support with computing tidal datums. A tidal datum is a standard elevation defined by a certain phase of the tide and can be used as references to measure local water levels. The accuracy of tidal datum elevations is dependent on the quality of the data input into the tool. The entire risk associated with the results and performance of these data is assumed by the user. This tool should be used strictly as a planning reference and is not appropriate for navigation, establishing land boundaries, permitting or other regulatory purposes.